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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This Momma's Meandering Mondays

Welcome one and all to This Momma's Meandering Mondays 82 and I want to offer a great, big thank you in advance to all of you who link up with us! We are so thankful to have you with us! Please join us for a year filled with amazing friends, tasty treats, fun crafts, and sharing in each other's adventures!
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 Now...let's get the party started and come on in and join the fun by linking up your favorite posts! We had an absolutely awesome week last week! Share the fun and make some new friends, find a new yummy treat, or find a wonderful new craft idea to make. This is a great way to grow in your friendships! But before we start this party...Grab a badge!

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Now stop in and say howdy to my linky party partners in fun... The wonderful Jessica from The Wondering Brain and Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures

. The Wondering Brain200
Epic Mommy Adventures

Come one and come all to join in to be a co-host's for November or December's This Momma's Meandering Mondays? We have several awesome options to choose from! Drop me a line at I would love to have you along for this party! You can also check out my sponsor page for more info. Grab a badge and join the party!

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Now it is time to introduce our favorite This Momma's Meanderer's from last week, and boy oh boy it was a difficult choice! Don't forget to grab your "I Was Featured" badge of honor! Congratulations to you all!

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Jessica's favorite post came from Dearest Progeny with the post "What Counts When Your Child Lays Dying!" Saying, "This post comes at the right time because I lost my mother and grandmother on January 3rd. It made me and the rest of the family realize the importance of relationships we have now. It also made me realize what kind of legacy I could leave behind when my time comes. Thanks for sharing!" [caption id="attachment_5025" align="aligncenter" width="300"]

"What Counts When Your Child Lays Dying!" 

"What Counts When Your Child Lays Dying!"[/caption] Natasha's favorite post came from Our Cone Zone with the post "5 Tips for Traveling on an Airplane with Kids!" Saying, "Over the holidays, my son and I traveled to Florida. And I took advantage of every one of these tips!! Thanks for the great post!" [caption id="attachment_5026" align="aligncenter" width="225"]

"5 Tips for Traveling on an Airplane with Kids!" 

"5 Tips for Traveling on an Airplane with Kids!"[/caption] My favorite post came from Jodie Fitz with the post "Blueberry Homemade Granola Bites!" "Oh these look absolutely divine! I have always loved granola of any kind, because it is so wonderful to add to all sorts of things or simply to eat alone. I definitely look forward to giving these a try! Thank you so much for sharing!" [caption id="attachment_5023" align="aligncenter" width="225"]

Homemade Blueberry Granola Bites 

Homemade Blueberry Granola Bites[/caption] Congratulations! Don't forget to grab and display our "Featured" badge!
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Thank you to all of you who joined us last week!


Come one and come all and join in to be a co-host for This Momma's Meandering Mondays in 2015? If interested, please drop me a line at I would love to welcome you along for the ride! You can also check out my sponsor page for more info. Now let's get this party started! 


Remember everyone enjoys a little comment love! Feel free to "meander" by some fellow bloggers and find a new recipe to make for the family, a helpful blogging tip, a funny story to read, and best of all a new friend to make! There are really no rules to follow, only some suggestions to keep in mind...because we are all to enjoy the friendships that come along by doing these few simple and wonderful things... 
 1. Link up your favorite post...a story, a recipe, a photo, or a helpful tip...As many as you want, that's right as many as you want!!!! 
 2. Please follow our Host's 
 3. Find some new friends to follow, friendships are what it's all about! 
 4. Be sure to leave some comment love, to get it in return. 
 5. Grab our badge and display on your blog, sharing the love is what it's all about. Meander through the links and make some new friends, find some amazing and useful tips, and maybe even a new treat to try!
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