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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Writing Mistakes Cost Money

How important are your writing skills?  If you're looking to do well where you work, then it is extremely important! In today's organizations, written communication is part of everyone's daily tasks: emails, notes, letters, text messages, and social media.  At the same time, people with good writing skills are generally seen as more credible. Think about it for a minute.  How would you interpret a co-worker's email if it was filled with grammatical errors and typos? Grammarly recently did a survey of over 400 freelancers to determine what impact writing skills have on a person's career opportunities and published the results on the infographic below.  So, next time you write an email or post on social media, please consider using grammarly as your grammar checker. Grammarly has also helped me with many of my doctoral papers too! It's a tool we love to use as doctoral students before turning in those big assignment. 

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