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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Passion Planner

Hello brainiacs! I'm back to share something with y'all that I am very passionate about - The Passion Planner.  As you know, I've decided to pursue life coaching so I can help others reach their full potential in what they want to do.  One of the things I needed to do was find a way to "organize" myself in order to become a successful life coach.  The obvious choice was to find a daily planner.  However, the ones I've used in the past, I hated! 


There was the old-fashioned calendar. Boxes were too small to write in and let's face it, my life is too big for a small box! Microsoft Outlook didn't do me any good either.  I think because it was so work-related I was just hating! Besides - wasn't the whole point of going into life coaching was so I can leave my job for good?!?  The one planner that did come close was the Franklin Covey Planner.  It did work - for awhile.  BUT.... I couldn't somehow connect with it.  It wasn't designed for ME in mind! 

Due to my past frustrations of using a planner, I decided to do a google search on what was out there that would fit me.  Lo and behold - I found Passion Planner! Angelia Trinidad is the CEO of Passion Planner. After reading her story on why she decided to create the Passion Planner, I was hooked.  Her dream to help others find their passion in life was like music to a life coach's ears. Therefore, I decided to try one for free, which she has offered here.  

Here's what I love about it:

  • This Week's Focus section: Allows me to write in what I want to focus (passion) on that week so I can schedule it in.
  • Good Things That Happened section:  Allows me to reflect during the week on the positives that happened. 
  • Personal and Work To-Do List:  I'm happy the Passion Planner recognizes that I wear 2 hats by providing this list for me to jot down tasks.  The great part is crossing things  off because it's done! 
  • Take Notes-Draw-Journal-Brainstorm:  There's a section for that for each week! Yaay!! Having this there allows me to organize my scatterbrain since I love to write things all over the place.  

My Passion Planner Week 1

Most importantly, using the Passion Planner has helped me secure clients for my coaching practice! Because of how successful it was for me, I encourage all of my clients to use it so they can start to live a more purposeful life!  Are you ready to plan out your passion?  

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