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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Purposeful Living

Purposeful living is about living with intention according to your values. goals, and plans.  Purpose is what helps us focus even when life may throw us lemons. Purpose increases resilience and perserverance when things get tough.  Living without purpose, can cause us a lot of stress, anxiety, and unfulfillment in oneself. 

How do you find your purpose? It starts in understanding what you value in life.  Values are qualities in your action.  It is the driving force in what you do.  For example, if you value honesty, honesty will be a huge contributor on the actions you take. Therefore, if someone were to ask you to lie for them, you'd have a hard time doing it because it is going against what you value - honesty.  When our actions are not in alignment with our values we feel bad, guilty, or uneasy.  However, when they are in alignment, we feel good and at peace with our actions.   

To find out what you value the most, do a value exercise:

  • If you had to list 5 values that you live by, what would they be?
  • What do you care about the most in life?
  • Why do those things matter the most?
  • What are your favorite qualities in a person? 
  • What qualties do you dislke in a person?
  • Do you feel like you live these values? 
  • How are these values showing up in your life? 
  • Is there a value you would like to live more in harmony with?

Clarity of purpose and of one's own values is key to remain steady on the chosen path, reach the desired goal, and be successful. How can I help you find your purpose? 


  1. Great share! I agree once you find purpose all else falls into place and you can begin to live the life you desire.:)

  2. We are created to bring glory to God -- that's my purpose!