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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching and therapy both serve a common purpose:  to help someone's well-being for the better.  However, that is where the commonality stops.  When deciding on whether to look for a coach or a therapist, the client has to figure out what approach would best help him or her.  

  • The client is psychologically normal and is able to cope well with daily life.
  • The client wants to be better by growing and achieving higher goals.
  • The client wants to improve performance, relationships, or life satisfaction.
  • The client is looking for a person to help facilitate the next level of growth or change. 
  • The person is psychologically dysfunctional and has issues dealing with daily life.
  • The person needs help coping with pain, trauma, disorders, or illness.
  • The person wants to work through problems so he/she can get back to normalcy.
  • The person is looking for a mental health professional to help overcome issues to live well again.  

As you can see, the functions of a coach and a therapist significantly differ. Are you looking to grow or change something in your life? Or is there certain areas you'd like to improve for the better? If so, what are they? I look forward to some of your answers! Till next time...



  1. I started as a Career Coaching after leaving the Recruiting Industry years ago and then began to incorporate Life Coaching into my practice, it is very important for both the client and the coach to truly understand the difference. Sometimes a person may even need BOTH to achieve the improvements they seek in their lives.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  2. Thanks for stopping by Tracy! You're absolutely correct - it is very important to decipher between the two in order to see how one can help. As I delve more into the coaching aspect, I can see how fulfilling it is to help someone achieve where they want to go :).