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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Can You Help My Son's Child Care Center?

Back in July, I blogged about my son's daycare closing down.  Fortunately, a childcare center nearby was able to take in most of the kids without changing the rate we were paying.  Unfortunately, they were unable to accomodate the parents who have infants (newborn to 12 months) because they they do not have an infant room.  The Child Care Director, Ms. Carmel,  heard the parents' request to keep their infants with the teachers they knew (She hired the teachers on).  Thus, the quest for building an infant room began! Ms. Carmel, along with her teachers, rallied the parents together to do a fundraiser.  Our Little Hopes & Dreams was able to raise over $1000.   However, it is not enough to get construction going.  This time, I am rallying all my followers in the social media world to help me raise enough money to build an infant room for my son's daycare.  Our Little Hopes & Dreams Christian Learning Center has been a blessing to me and the other parents who were in need of a child care center after the closure.  Therefore, I am looking to give back to them so other parents with young children have a place to be nurtured while at work.  My goal is to raise $5000.  The money will help pay for construction materials, piping, and labor.  You can donate here to help this wonderful child care center out.  There is a bonus... if you donate $50, the children of Our Little Hopes & Dreams will write you a "thank-you" card for your generosity! However, any little bit helps! Thanks in advance and look for updates with The Wondering Brain to see how they're doing! 

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