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Friday, December 13, 2013

My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party

It's Friday the 13th but that's not going to stop us from partying! 

Say hi to my lovely hosts:

Say hello to my December team:

Kim from This Ole Mom

Meg from Meg's Menagerie

Melissa from Deliciously Savvy

Miranda from Myra Bev's Corner

Let's SHOW OFF some of those awesome posts from last week!

Stacey loved the recipe from This Silly Girl's Life: "I love sweets more than I should and these just look fabulous!"

Cathy's thumbs up belongs to Scarlett's Excellent Adventures:  "I love eggnog and blending it with one of my favorite breakfast, French Toast, sounds delicious! Perfect breakfast for a cold holiday weekend!"

Melissa's favorite also comes from This Silly Girl's Life:  "OK… so I feel Like I am always picking something from The Silly Girls Life… but seriously…. I did it once again w/out realizing! I saw this post and picked it immediately even though there were many other posts that grabbed my attention afterward. But… I am a big believer in first instincts… and  who does not need a stress reliever this time of year? 2nd…. Who cannot use the occasional Jello Shot! It makes you feel youthful and fun and who cannot use a little of that once in a while? Plus it tastes fabulous! For those who are not accustomed to a normal “shot”, this is the shot for you! Thanks so much… I am going to make these, to help eliminate any unnecessary stress due to the holidays!!!"

Meg chose On A Wing and A Prayer  for her fave:  "I enjoyed the Holiday Joy DIY Air Freshener post by On a Wing and a Prayer. I have recently gotten into using essential oils and making my own natural beauty and cleaning products to reduce the chemicals I'm exposed to. This homemade air freshener will make your home smell like the holidays naturally!"

Miranda's pick goes to 100 lb. Countdown:  "I loved 5 tips on how to get fit with your partner, me and I have been looking for ways to get fit with my fellow."

My favorite goes to Smart Living 365.  What an awesome post on gratitude.  It's perfect for this time of year since it's allowing me to reflect on what I've done in the past.  

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Let's Party!!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my milky way stuffed cookies cups AND sparkling jello shots!!

  2. Hey Jessica! Linking up again this weekend and visiting new posts. Thanks for hosting!