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Saturday, November 2, 2013

How To Host a Blog Party Part 2

Happy November Brainiacs!

Two months ago I wrote a post on how to host a blog party. Part 2 of the post is marketing the blog party.  Before I move on, what I am about to write is based on my experiences and what worked for me. 
At my current job, I do a lot of networking to get the word out about the university I work for. Networking has also helped me find better work opportunities in the past too! I figured, if it works at my job, then why shouldn't it work for bloggers too? So network I did! Remember how I mentioned that having several co-hosts can help spread the word about your party? That's networking! Also, as bloggers, we are on several social media outlets as well! Use those to communicate your blog party too. When you use your social media outlets, make sure to tag your co-hosts in them.  Networking is a beautiful thing! When you tag your co-hosts, their network will also see it too and ultimately join all of you in the fun! I've also taken it one step further by personally inviting some of my potential attendees through social media.  To me, a personal invite means something, thus the potential to absolutely attend the blog party! At the same time, I've joined several blog groups as well to invite people over to the party! These have worked like magic.  The best one thus far? Mom Bloggers Club

Another way to market your blog party is through emails.  Where do I get the emails? From your blog party of course! The linky tool I use for my blog party provides me with emails so I can invite past participants to join again next week.  This also allows me to create an email listing for any future marketing such as weekly newsletters or announcements that are happening in my blog too.  To make your emails fancy, use a newsletter format.  There are websites out there who can help create wonderful emails for you like Mad Mimi, Mail Chimp, and Constant Contact

Join other blog parties and make new friends! Again, it's networking! Visit other participants at the blog party of choice and invite them to yours too! I've had this work many times for me as well :). Also, if you have a favorite blog party you like to attend, ask if you can be a co-host for it too.  Not only will you be able to see how it works but you can also utilize it as a way to market your own party too! 

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  1. I never thought about how blog parties got going. I appreciate your info!