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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blogging Advce that Don't Work

Blogging is one of the most popular topics in the internet. The thousands of blogs are devoted to tutorial and advice on how making your blogging a success. There’s sometimes an impression that the blogosphere is flooded with obvious things which are not always right. And some of them may even prevent your success!

In spite of the fact these tips may sound quite logical and understandable, they are not always the best fit. So, here’s the list of blogging advice – far not the best ones to follow:
1.    Publish new content every day. This mistake is often made by them who are worried about posting regularly. But in this situation, better is not more. If you’ll be obliged by writing a post daily, the quality definitely will suffer. It’s better to write one good, substantial post instead of three mediocre ones.
2.    Web promotion since the very first day. Of course, you are interested in presenting your blog to as huge audience as possible. But at the beginning, it’s better to start with finding permanent audience and then enlarge the number of readers. Because, if your blog is read by 40 people only, all your efforts to promote it, in particular via social media, will likely fail.
3.    The more SEO is better. Actually, not now. The rules of indexing by search engines have changed, and if you write the content for robots more than for readers, you will only lose.
4.    Unique design is essential. Attractive and bright design matter for the readers. But don’t go too far with it and don’t make let the blog page blind them with the lots of color and extras. If you are not sure in your ability to create a really cool custom design, ask someone to do it for you. Or just pick one of the themes that are already ready.
5.    Keep it visual. There’s some truth in it. The long and non-structured text isn’t easy to take in, but 50 monotonous photos without single word is not the best deal as well. Images makes your blog interesting and vivid, but they must be relevant and bright. If you want to share your photos, keep the limits and add descriptions!
6.    Use ads and banners to monetize your blog. Once again, it all depends on how many readers you have. With the number of readers hardly reaching a hundred people it’s silly to rely on making money via ads. Some toddlers of blogging try to solve this problem placing so many banners that readers refuse to read it at all. So, stop trying to become a pro blogger in your first blogging month and concentrate on real effort.
As you see, there’s something more about every piece of advice about blogging. Some of them can be outdated, and some are simply misunderstood. Despite your best teacher is practice, it can be useful to hear a piece of advice. But it depends on you if you will follow it or not.

About the author: Paul Smith is a writer engaged with term paper writing. His articles are mostly about blogging, business and social media. Paul can be contacted via Google+

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