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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tips for a Halloween Party

On TV they always seem to throw awesome Halloween parties. Everyone is dressed up and having a great time. How can you do that in real life? Here are some tips.  

Get a Head Start
Like the Super Bowl and July 4, everyone is doing something on Halloween. You have to get the ball rolling early so that a critical mass of people attend yours. Forget about bad food and bad music, none of those will matter if your party has no people.  

Clear Out the Area
A party means lots of people traipsing through your house and because of that your house is going to get dirty. Someone is going to knock a drink over and it spills everywhere. Get over it. If you want to have a party, it’s going to happen. What you can do is to prevent any possible damage. Put things that you don’t want anywhere near into self storage. Not only will it protect them but it will allow you more space. At parties, people end up in the most random areas and you want all of them to be safe.  

Feeding the Masses
Guests want to be fed. When you are feeding a large number of people you have to work out which is the best way to go. Pizza is a quick and easy way to deal with the problem but it’s also very clich├ęd. Doing it all yourself is time-consuming and also very expensive. One solution which gives you the best of both worlds is to make it pot-luck. This way, the load is shared evenly and you aren’t out of pocket too much.  

You Can’t Stop the Music
You won’t there to be music but you don’t want it to drown out the party. So leave it at a level where it can be noticed but isn’t too overwhelming. Now you can use websites to set playlists in advance. Thank goodness for technology! Dressing Up Have a competition for best Halloween costume. This will give your party goers an incentive for doing so - nothing wrong with some healthy competition.  

Say Cheese
There is nothing worse than having a fun night and no-one taking any pictures. So make sure that someone goes around with a camera and does so. If photos aren’t up on Facebook, it’s as if the party never happened!  

Allison Maxwell loves Halloween. Along with the Academy Awards it’s her favorite night of the year.

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