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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween by Beth Waters

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Keeping your children safe on Halloween is a concern for every parent. This applies to kids of all ages, including teens who may sometimes forget the basic rules. As a parent you have plenty of reasons to worry. From your children approaching a stranger’s home to other people who are out during the evening hours and the safety of the candy that your kids are given, it is perfectly natural to feel uneasy about trick or treating. If you can’t physically go with them, it is important to send your child with a large group of friends or another adult. Younger children should definitely be closely accompanied for the entire excursion.

Reinforce Traffic Safety
When your children are under the age of 12 they may not be aware of how far they are travelling and can easily get lost alone at night. Make sure to have an adult accompany your children until they are of age to go alone. Young children also have a tendency to run and bolt to each house. They forget the crosswalks and to look both ways before crossing. This is a substantial problem and the reason why there are many child fatalities on Halloween. Talk your children and remind them about safety when crossing streets.

Keep an Eye on the Candy

Be sure to inspect all Halloween candy before allowing your children to eat it. Help them to understand the possibility for danger and encourage them to wait until the candy gets home for inspection before eating it. Show them how to recognize the signs of candy that has been tampered with by participating in the candy inspection process. Any candy with torn or damaged wrappers should be immediately discarded. Even the smallest hole in a candy wrapper could be a sign of contamination. Baked goods and other items not contained by factory packaging should be considered questionable unless they are from a trusted neighbor. Once the candy has been inspected, you might also want to keep it stored out of reach and divvy it out gradually so that your children cannot eat too much at once. Overconsumption of sweets can have devastating long-term effects on the health of your children.

Know Your Neighbors

Possibly the best way to decrease the amount of stress on Halloween night is to know your neighbors. If you have met and developed a bond of trust with the people who live around you, trick or treating can be a lot more fun for you and your children. There is less reason to be paranoid about the condition of Halloween candy or the safety of your kids if you know exactly who they will be interacting with.

Halloween is supposed to be fun. Teach your children the basics and you shouldn’t run into any major problems. Tell them to have fun but put safety first. Make sure they know not to not go into any houses without your permission or get into any unfamiliar vehicles. By preparing your children properly for the exciting night you will avoid any major disaster that could ruin the joyous holiday.

Guest Author Bio:

I’m Beth Waters; the mother of two overly energetic and wonderful children. I am both a freelance writer for medical companies such as Liberty Medical and a blogger at Carrots Over Cake. I have decided to live a life of health and happiness with my family and love writing about my journey though it!


  1. I agree! We take our girls around the neighborhood. It's a minimal-traffic area, and it's a relatively small town. Even though we don't know all the people personally, we trust the "small town code". Can't wait to take out the girls again this year!

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    That's great that you have a small town you can trust residents you don't know personally. Talking to your kids about safety when knocking on doors, and to not go into stranger's home when offered is also helpful in keeping the night safe and fun! I hope you have a blast with your children on Halloween!

  3. Hello Jessica! I enjoyed your guest blogger. I agree with Beth Waters, in these times you can never be too careful. Have a great day!