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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Dreams and Indecisive Mommy by Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures

Halloween has always been an exciting holiday for me – candy, costumes, fun! Who could pass up that excitement? 
Unfortunately, I lived on an island for the majority of my childhood, so I didn’t really get to celebrate Halloween the way I’d visualized after watching TV for many years and seeing all the great things that kids got to do on Halloween night.  I did, however, still enjoy the fun in my classroom and watching all the horror movies every October.  (Yes, I’m a huge horror movie junkie!)
Now that my son is a bit older (he just made 2 in July), I wanted to live my Halloween dreams through him.  It’s a good time because he is starting to have a certain level of tolerance for wearing costumes.  That wasn’t the case a year ago – I had a hard time getting clothes on him, costumes was just one more layer and one more battle I’d have to fight.
So I’m excited this year to start shopping for costumes…
What I didn’t fully think through was the millions of kid costumes out there.  Was this always the case or have I gotten so old that I’m starting to forget things? I may have been just a little na├»ve thinking that I would go to the store and find a costume for my son on my 1st try. I was definitely not so lucky.

There are the career costumes:

There are the tv-based or movie characters:

There are the superhero costumes:

And this is just a taste of what I saw in the store.  Maybe I’ll be reconsidering this whole living my Halloween dream through my son.  That’s what I get for being proactive.  There are just too many options for me to just settle on just one option.  They just all look too adorable!

If I had even one creative bone in my body, I would sincerely consider making my own costume; but since I don’t, I’ll just have to keep looking until I find a costume that we both love.  Until then, I’ll be questioning this decision every moment that I walk into a store that sells costumes, because I’ll wonder if I went a little crazy when I decided to live the Halloween fun through my son. 

Author and editor of the blog, Epic Mommy Adventures, Natasha is a 30-year old single, working mommy and graduate student. She enjoys blogging about her entertaining adventures with her 2-year old son and all of the things that motherhood brings. She has an ongoing series on her blog, What's For Lunch Mommy, focused on simple and healthy meal choices for toddlers. Visit Epic Mommy Adventures for good laughs, giveaways, recipes, and so much more!

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