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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Choices and Illusion - A Book Review

Hello Brainiacs! I wanted to digress from our Halloween theme today and talk about an awesome book I've been reading.  A few months ago I was offered an opportunity to review a new book by Eldon Taylor.  Let me tell you, I was happy that I did! 

Eldon Taylor, Ph.D is a world renowned author, dynamic speaker, former criminalist and one of the world’s foremost experts on preconscious information processing. earned doctorates in clinical and pastoral psychology.  His unique, charismatic and energetic style captivates his audiences, compelling them to take control of their life with a style and approach that is unique and empowering. He is the author of five books regarding the subject of subliminal communication and the inventor of the proven and patented technology InnerTalk®.


In his new book, Choices and Illusions, Eldon shares his life story, integrated with his work and research, that reveals how and why we get locked into self-imposed limitations and false self-images—”negative self-talk”—and demonstrates how we can retrain our mind with positive “self-talk.” 

I loved his book because of the way he explains his concepts.  His concepts are easily understandable, no huge words to look up, AND are easy to implement into everyday life.  He uses stories, like the eagle and the chicken, to drive his point across - "We can change our lives by changing how we think."   At the same time, Eldon leaves his readers feeling better about themselves!  As a doctoral student in I/O Psychology, his book has also helped me through tough courses by saying to myself: “I can’t wait to see what good happens from this!”

The release date for Choices and Illusions is today! Pick up a copy for yourself, check out Eldon's website, and let me know what you think about his book! 

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