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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eating From Mom's Plate

Remember when you were younger and you always thought the food from mom's plate tasted better than the one or yours? These last few days, I've been witnessing this A LOT from my little one.  Granted, he's only 2 years old, but still! 

My little one is a fan of steamed white rice.  So, everyday he usually has a bowl of rice.  We even bought him a special bowl of his own specifically for rice.  For the first year, he was fine eating from his own bowl, until last week happened.  All of a sudden, he didn't want to eat from there.  Since he is still learning how to talk, it took awhile to understand what he was saying to me when he didn't want his food.  His words to me was, "Mommy, rice! No! Hot Won!" After trying to decipher his words with a lot of screaming and spoon gestures from him, I finally figured it out! He was telling me he wanted rice. Not his rice but MY rice on MY plate.  I tried giving him my rice by putting it in his bowl. Nope! Not what he wanted! He took his spoon and scooped rice from my plate and into his mouth. Hmmm... Ok. Fine. I thought it was a one time thing. Umm... No! It's been over a week and he still wants it from my plate. 

His actions made me think of my childhood memories.  I remembered when I only wanted my mom's food on her plate or drink from her cup.  Why? I thought it tasted better because it was hers.  Whatever mom had, it was just better than my own.  After witnessing what my little one was doing, I found an underlying reason behind it - He loves me! Going through my actions from way back when, I realized why my mom's food tasted better from her plate.  I loved my mom so everything that she did or had was just better. Everything from her plate was filled with love.  Thus, the reason why it tasted better!  So, later tonight, when it's time for dinner, and little one wants my rice from my plate, a happy feeling will come from within me, as I feed him my love! 


  1. Lily did the same thing. She never liked just water, except when it was in MY glass.. Drove hubby nuts ;-)

  2. they always want mommy's food! my 3 yr old does the same thing, even when we eat the exact same food apparently it tastes better off mommy's plate. btw im new to your blog :)

  3. This is very true. Young ones express their love this way! I actually had a "weird obsession" as a child with my older brother's shirts. I wanted to wear his much bigger t-shirts and this made me so protected! hey were always better! Go figure!
    Such a great post!

  4. Your little one is so cute! I can relate to deep love for a mom!

  5. So adorable - thanks for sharing! and for joining my Mommy Moments Mondays!