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Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Challenge for Couples

I love being married. I love having a partner that I know has my back and will always be there for me. And I love being that to someone else.

Typically the advice that is given to couples is not to compete with each other; you are a team and you're in the game to win together. That's true. However, recently I had the thought "what would happen if I did compete with my wife?" This is the result.

Today I challenge you to compete with your spouse. The goal: to see how much closer you can become as a couple.

So here's the competition. It is designed to be a friendly one between husband and wife. Here's the game: do 25 nice things for your spouse as quickly as you can. It's that simple.

Here are the rules:
  1. You have to start on the same day at the same time. That way you both have a couple of days to get your game plan ready and make any preparations that may be needed.
  2. You cannot count the same nice thing more than once. Therefore sending a sweet text message would qualify as one kind thing, sending another sweet text the next day would not count toward the completion of this contest (however, it would still be a good idea).
  3. The first one to make it to twenty-five wins!
My wife and I will also be doing this and we're really looking forward to it. I know it's going to be tough to beat her because she's SO much sweeter and more thoughtful than I am, however, that's not going to stop me from trying!

We also want to make it even more interesting, up the stakes if you will, to ensure that you will love your spouse even more when this is over and be a stronger team because of it. 

I invite and encourage you (I DARE YOU!) to sign yourself and your spouse up to compete against my wife and me. Keep track of the twenty five kind things that you each do for each other and the time you finished the last one. Then submit the lists to me. The first three couples to successfully complete the challenge will win a prize (show me the prizes!). The challenge starts on Monday, October 7th at 9:00am EDT.

The sign up for the competition is currently open. It will be open for seven days (until Friday, October 4th). Sign up now!! What do you have to lose?

That's right, I'm throwing down the gauntlet. I'm daring you to try to beat your spouse AND my wife and me. In fact, I triple dog dare you! Come on, don't be chicken.

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  1. This challenge looks like fun!!! Thank you for sharing!!!