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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Beautiful Time of Year

I'm not sure why but everytime September rolls along I tend to get excited! You know that feeling of when the New Year is upon us? Yes, that feeling! It also happens to me in September.  

Could it be the start of the school year? 

Or maybe the change in leaves gives me a smile? 

Maybe because I look forward to being another year older in a couple months?

Or it could be that all the awesome holidays are right around the corner? 

Whatever it is, September always makes me happy when it is here! It's like a renewal of sorts! Another month to look forward to what is to come.  Happy September to each of you! 

1 comment :

  1. Fall is my favorite time of year and I personally love October. I live in Florida so the season changes aren't as noticeable but usually by October I can say it feels like Fall. It makes me happy too...thanks for sharing!