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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To My Facebook Fans

Hey Facebook followers! 

The Wondering Brain has a treat for you! Each week, we will choose a Facebook fan who is a frequent visitor to the Wondering Brain page and write a post all about you! On top of that, a shout out will go out to our Facebook Fan during the weekend blog party. What better way to gain exposure for you just by constantly visiting The Wondering Brain's Facebook page. Not a fan? You can be! Like our page here.  Also, at this week's blog party, you can have a chance to link up your Facebook page with us! Yes, we want to give you the opportunity to SHOW OFF your Facebook page with us. You have to be there though, it's the only time we will have a special link up for Facebook.  What better way to celebrate our fans and connect you to more people! The Facebook Fan Shout Out starts this Friday. See you there! 

Don't forget our group giveaway too. Ends August 15th:

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  1. Great idea, Jessica! I'm looking forward to participating! :)

  2. Great giveaway! Thanks for the invite!