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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How To Make A Printable

Have you ever thought about making a printable and offering it to others on your blog? I’m not a DIY Blogger, but my curiosity got the best of me. Therefore, my Wondering Brain decided to figure out how to do one. Please note, I am not an expert. I really wanted to learn how to make a printable and now I am excited to share my knowledge with how best to do one from my experience. 

Step 1: 
Find the paint program you have installed on your computer. You can do this by clicking onto the start button and type paint in your search box. If you have Microsoft Office installed, more than likely you have Microsoft Paint. When you open the program, it should look like this:

Save the blank document and title it blank printable or something you will remember, and save onto your desktop. 

Step 2: 
Now we need to look for a photo editor to design the printable. Keep in mind; I am not a techy so the easier to understand the better. The one I like to use is PicMonkey. Not only is it easy to use but it’s free too AND no registration is required!

Step 3: 
Once you are on PicMonkey, click onto Edit a photo on your left. It will ask you to upload a photo. Choose the blank printable you saved from step 1. Once you upload the blank printable, you will now have a screen that looks like this:

Step 4: 
On the left hand side, you will see under Basic Edits, or that funny looking 3 sprong thing, the Resize option. Click onto the button, and the resize option appears. Uncheck both boxes and type in 500 x 750 for our 8 ½ x 11 paper. If you want to landscape your printable, type in 750 x 500. Click apply when you are done.

Step 5:
Now the fun begins! This is where you let your creativity run wild. First, I want to put a frame on my printable. You do this my clicking the square on the left hand side panel. Once you click onto the square, all the options will show:

Here, you can choose a variety of frames you would like for your printable. For this one, I chose Museum Matte. This how it will look like when you first choose museum matte:

Step 6: 
Time to manipulate! I love bright colors, so I chose a lime green and yellow for my colors. I decreased the thickness of the lines too. Afterwards, I clicked onto the apply button to finish. 

Step 7: 
Time to add words! Click onto the capital P on the sidebar. A choice of fonts will appear. Choose a font you like. I chose the unkempt font for this project. 

Are you still with me? Ok, great! 

Step 8:
Once you choose your font, click onto the Add Text box. A text box should appear on your document. At the same time, another toolbox shows up on the right hand side to change color, size, etc. 

Step 9:
Let’s write! You can write whatever you choose. I chose a Mommy Quote. I also changed the color of my font and resized it too. 

Step 10: 
PicMonkey has many cool features on here if you want to decorate your printable. Click onto the overlays option on the sidebar and a choice of overlays appear. Click onto any of the overlays and decorate away! 

Step 11:
Once you are happy with the results, it’s time to save! Hit the save button on the top of the picture. When you hit the save button, PicMonkey will take you to this page:

Change the file name of the picture to what you want to call it, and hit the Save photo button. 

Step 12:
Open a word document and insert your new printable as a picture. 

Step 13:
Play with the picture so that it fits the entire document. Save the file after it fits the entire word document.  

Step 14:
Take the new word document and convert it to a pdf file using adobe reader. Voila! Now you have yourself a printable to offer your readers! 

I hope you enjoyed it! PicMonkey is an awesome photo editor to use. Play around with it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The delete button always is my friend! It just means I get to start all over again! I look forward to seeing your printables. 


  1. Cute! I like to use printables for workouts and recipes.

  2. Great post, Jessica! I am always looking for different things to use to make different things on the computer, I have normally used PowerPoint, then simply save as a jpeg...may have to try this out and play a bit! Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for such clear instructions! I am excited to try this. Pic Monkey is the best. :)

  4. Can you tell me how to attach it to my blog so that others can print it out?

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! I use Picmonkey all the time but never thought to use it as a printable. We would love it if you would link it to the Blog Strut at

  6. I can do this! Thanks for the step by step, REALLY easy to follow steps! what should I do with this powerful new knowledge?