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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Making of A San Antonio Spurs Fan

Go! Spurs! Go! 

Tomorrow it will be 3 years since I've lived in San Antonio, TX. For the most part, my life has been on an island somewhere or on the other side of the world! 

Therefore, my exposure to basketball was limited to watching it at a bar or at home and rooting for the closest team to wherever I was at:

When arriving to San Antonio, it was the middle of the NBA finals. All I heard was Go! Spurs! Go! or Los Spurs! 3 names started popping into my vocabulary: Ginobli, Parker, and Duncan. God forbid I mention the name Bryant into a conversation! 

3 years later... My hubby has convinced me to LOVE Los Spurs! Talk about teamwork. All over the TV today, they are talking about The Spurs vs. Lebron James. Makes you wonder, is Lebron James the player that makes Miami Heat like Kobe Bryant is to the LA Lakers? The Spurs is all about teamwork and that is what basketball is all about... team! They don't separate the 3 (Manu, Tony, and Tim), they talk about all of them! So, I say to everyone, watch how they play and see how they pass the ball. It's not given to just one person, it's given to everyone on the court. It's a TEAM! So... guess what? I think I'm a SPURS fan!!! 


  1. Husbands definitely do that! When I was pregnant with my boy and girl- I could not get enough football - my husband loved it- now that my testosterone is back to normal I still enjoy basketball due to him but almost cant be bothered with football or other sports

  2. Would love to see the Spurs beat up on the Heat!! Our Atlanta Hawks never do anything so we always have to cheer for other teams.

  3. I'm still not into watching sports. Except boxing, or when I get to sit in a VIP lounge, but the I like it more for the food ;-)

    BTW: I tagged you on the Adult ABC game, it's fun!!