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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Father Figures in My Life by Aloted Omoba from Super Working Mom


As we all know, it is Father’s day this coming weekend and I would love to appreciate, recognize and celebrate the father figures in my life. 

Fathers are sometimes under valued. Case in point there are numerous mothers’ day and just one father’s day in a year. Not like I am complaining, since I am a mother myself and quite enjoy the attention. However I honestly think more people should begin to recognize and commend the great impact Fathers have in our lives.  

Now back to the subject at hand….

First of I would love to appreciate my Heavenly Father- GOD. Without you I am NOTHING. Over the years, I have learnt to trust HIM even when things in my life seem bleak and hopeless. He has been my protector, my provider, my guide, and my light. His mercy has kept me. Words cannot express how grateful I am for God’s loving kindness over my life. 

Secondly, I want to appreciate the man God chose to father me on planet Earth. I couldn’t have chosen a better father myself. I remember a few years ago when gunmen attacked my dad in broad daylight! They shot him at close range and had to be rushed to the hospital by kind neighbors. We thought we were going to lose him to death that day. That was a scary time for the family but God kept my daddy!

Dad has always been a loving husband to mum. He always makes her laugh and that is such a joyful thing to see. Even now, after 36 years of marriage, their love for each other grows stronger everyday. 

I am thankful for countless sacrifices my dad had to make when we kids were growing up. I know my daddy is not perfect; I certainly had my issues with him especially as a teenager but becoming a parent now has made me realize he was only doing his best for the family. 

My daddy is one of the few genuinely kind people I know.  He set such a good example to his biological and “adopted” children all over the world. He brought us up in the way of the Lord and I am sure he is glad all turned out ok!

Saving the best for last, a BIG shout out to my hubby who I call Baale (in my language) sometimes. In English language this means “father of the home”.  Yes, he is not only the father of my child(ren) but also a father figure in my life.  After all, he is my head, the one I am now accountable too. 

I am thankful for Baale’s love, his strength and kindness. He is definitely the sweetest man I know. I know we have our moments but he will catch a falling star if I asked him to. He makes me laugh. I am so glad we found each other. 

I see how he is with our daughter, Bionic, and how she simple adores him. Such a sight to behold! 

I pray God gives Baale the grace and strength to be a role model to our child(ren) and to leave a legacy for the next generation. Love you loads, babes!

Who are the father figures in your life? Please take time out this father’s day (and from time to time) to appreciate them.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great men out there that are working hard and making sacrifices for their families. God bless you all. 

Aloted Omoba (pseudonym) works with professional working mums that are stressed out and overwhelmed with juggling work and family to help them achieve a better managed, happier, confident and less stressful life both at work and at home. For more information please check, follow her on twitter @SuperWorkingMum and on facebook- SuperWorkingMum


  1. You know what? You wrote out the thoughts that have been floating around in my head. My thoughts were pulled into an organized train of thought in reading your post. Beautiful.

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