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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#Adventurecon13 Tips - Think Like an Editor

Hello wonderful Brainiacs! Here's another lesson I learned from #Adventurecon13 - Think Like an Editor from Ashley O'Neill who is the editor for The Savvy Source

Have a Mission Statement

A mission statement is a sentence describing your blog's main focus or a short written statement of your blog goals and philosophies.  Before creating an editor calendar, make sure you know what your blog focuses on. 

Know Your Strengths
Figure out what you're good at. What's your passion? What are you an expert on? Once you know that, find the intersection between what your readers are interested in and what you're good at. 

Create an Editorial Calendar
Now you're ready to create an editorial calendar for the month! You can use a simple excel spread sheet for this. What Ashley O'Neill showed us was easy. She created columns and titled them Article, Theme, Who, Status, Publishing Date. As an editor, she thinks about what to feature each month and assigns them out to her bloggers for The Savvy Source. Everything is entered into her spreadsheet as a way to keep track of what's going on too.

Monthly Planning
Every month, focus on what is going on for that month. Here are some examples Ashley gave us for The Savvy Source:
  • Something about the season or holiday
  • Something about an area of learning
  • Something about a child's passion
  • Something about our world/travel or our children's world
  • Something on practical tips
  • Book reviews, science experiements, nature

Other Editorial Tips
  • Find interesting juxtapositions between topics (i.e. Earth Day with gardening)
  • Take an extended look at a specific subject
  • Be guided by your everday
  • Read extensively both in your field and outside of it
  • Create a mix of "evergreen" and timely content

Don't Forget!
  • Interesting Titles (Use SEO)
  • Colors - make sure the color scheme matches and is pleasing to the eye
  • Photos - Personal photos are the best! 

These were great tips from someone who does it for a living! How do you think like an editor for your blog? 


  1. Fantastic post! Great tips! I currently use an excel calendar for my monthly planning of posts :o) Hope you're having a great Thursday!


  2. OMG this all seems so overwhelming. Thanks so much for breaking it down! I find it impossible to plan ahead....ugh...