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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Tribute

I have a mom. I know we all have moms but my mom is different! She taught me a lot in her "mom" way. For starters, she is not from this country, so what she taught me was the "Filipino Way" of mothering. What does that consist of? 

Appreciating What We Have
When my mom was younger, she did not have much. As a matter of fact, she really didn't have anything at all. She was the fourth child of ten so she needed to share a lot of her things. She was very familiar with hand me downs and on occasions, she would give up a portion of her food just so the younger siblings had something to eat. The Philippines is a poor country, so sharing was more of a necessity than anything. I would always listen to these stories and never believed her, until I moved to the Philippines for work. Let's just say I appreciate toilet paper now too! 

Hard Work
Since my mother's family was always struggling back then, she needed to help out with bringing money in too. Therefore, as a youngster, she would help her father out with selling items like cigrettes, newspapers, etc. Sometimes she would help her mother out with picking up other people's laundry just to make some money. When I was 16, I wanted a car. She told me to work for it. I did and I don't regret any minute of it either.

My mom wasn't able to go to college due to the financial situation she was in. However, growing up, she always emphasized how important it was to get good grades and finish college. She said it will benefit me in the long run. She even made me go to summer school even though I didn't need to. She said that it was good for me so my brain would not be mushy when school started back up again. Today, I am working towards my PhD. Thanks Mom! 

She didn't teach me this until a few years ago. She would speak of it when I was younger and I probably never listened. However, whenever the going gets rough, the tough gets going! All you need with it is faith. I wasn't religious enough until I lost my job a few years ago. It was my mom who told me to pray. I looked at her in disbelief and asked why? She told me that God was testing me, not because he deserved it, but because he loved me. Without much hope but faith, I followed her advice and decided to read the bible and go back to church. That was one of the best advices she had given me! 

There are other lessons she had taught me like trying to be a good mom, appreciate my husband, cherish the time with family. I'm just very appreciative that I still do have her. Even though she lives faraway, it's nice to know that I can still call her when I need her. Thanks, Ma!

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  1. This is a super sweet post! I had no idea you went to the Philippines for work. I also had no idea toilet paper was such a commodity there. Strangely enough, my hubby is at the store now picking up some for us.

    It looks like you have lovely parents and I enjoyed this post very much. :-)

  2. Oh, lovely tribute to your mom and Happy Mother's Day to her for sure!!! :)

  3. Great story, Jessica! Those are the most valuable lessons that any mom could teach...I myself did not realize just what furthering your faith could do, until I also did it. Many blessings, and Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Moms like ours are so great. Your mom sounds smart and has a beautiful spirit. :)

  5. Your mom sounds great. My mom stressed education too. We are both lucky. :)

  6. Haha she sounds like my mom- I had to complete workbooks for the next grade every summer. She'd assign me homework and book reports to keep me "sharp"!

    Love it.

    I think it's so sweet that she lead you back in your faith. Moms are great like that =)

    Her Heart Proclaims ♥ eMinistry

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your mother. It's beautiful and it is so inspiring to hear from others what marks their parents left within them. = )

    Thanks for visiting me. I truly appreciate it.

    Irish at Dedicated 2 Life