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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Got Bit By the Travel Bug!!

Earlier today, my HR department sent me a reminder to use my vacation hours. Hmm... really? My job wants me to go on vacation?!? Surprised by the email reminder, I unconsciously started surfing the internet for places to go. Should I head off to Vegas and see my family again? How about a trip back to the motherland, the Philippines? Or, head back to Hawaii and just lay out on Waikiki Beach? Wait a minute... What is my wondering brain up to again?!? I can't go on vacation! There's just too much to do in my life - kids, school, work, volunteer commitments! BUT... that deadline of use by August 31, 2013 is staring me down saying, "USE ME!" 

Oh yah! The travel bug has bit me real hard! Although, I am unable take a long "exotic" trip, it never hurts to take a mini one here and there. Since I have kids and husband in tow, a family weekend getaway is always an awesome idea! Thankfully, I live in the Great State of Texas where everything is BIG! What I love about this state is all the kid-friendly activities it has to offer. Just in San Antonio alone, there are many areas to enjoy:

Of course, just an hour away is Austin and if we want the beach, Corpus Christi is about 2 hours the other way. 

Ahh! Vacation... Sounds sooo nice! What are your upcoming vacation plans? 



  1. Honestly a vacation is when I get to go the store by myself.I would love to go disneyland

    1. Hi Marty! Thanks for your response :)Disneyland...The last time I was there was in the 80's. Boy I feel old :(. However, I think that would be an awesome family getaway too!!


  2. I have to agree with Marty on just getting to the store on my own! :) Vacation isn't in the works right now, but I would love a week at a beach, any beach! Stopping by from the Linkin with the Ladies hop. New follower on BlogLovin'

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

    1. Hi Mary!

      Thank you for stopping by!! The beach is always a plus!! I look forward to reading more about you too :)