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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weight Loss, the Mommy Way!

I visited my doctor yesterday morning for a check up. Usually, when it's time to step onto the weight scale, I cringe! I would always have an excuse made up in my head when those numbers pop out. This time, however, I was all smiles!

After the birth of my last son in February of 2011, I tipped the scale at 199 lbs. My excuse then was that I had just given birth. Plus, I was older (38), so my metabolism wasn't quite there anymore. When I returned to work, I was still wearing many of my maternity clothes. However, that same excuse kept playing in my head, 'I just gave birth!' In May of 2012, I was having problems with my foot. Thinking it was an old runner's injury, I went to see a podiatrist. He said it was a foot spur, caused by my weight. It wasn't until September of 2012 when I realized it was time to wake up! My doctor had me take a blood test due to the constant thirst I was having. The results showed that I was borderline diabetic.

The doctor told me that the best way to reverse borderline diabetes was straight diet and exercise. I drove home crying! All these thoughts were running through my head. I thought I was superwoman? Things like these only happen to other people, not me! I vented to my husband, my mom, and yes... Facebook! I guess I was looking for some empathy at the time, but soon realized that empathy wasn't going to accomplish anything. I had to do something!

Diet and exercise? How? I'm busy! There has to be a way to do this. I cannot fathom the thought of testing my blood and administering insulin shots everyday. Suddenly, the thought came to me! I have kids! Why not "exercise" with them? It beats a gym membership and I get to spend some quality time with them. I had just bought my older son an +XBOX 360 as a Christmas present before I gave birth. All three of my "boys" love it. Ah-ha! Off I went to +GameStop! I spoke to one of the sales associates and explained my situation. He recommended to get +Zumba Fitness since it was a best seller.

That night, I threw on some gym clothes and laced up my shoes. I called the family over to move the furniture. Afterwards, I asked them to join me on a new family ritual, Zumba Time!!  Once we turned on the video game, we were hooked! Within the first 20 minutes we were soaked from all the dancing. Plus, the music was awesome! Since then, we've added a few more games like +Dance Central and Your Shape.  On occasions, even just playing at the park or a trip to the mall (goal is 3 circles around!) would work as a way to change up the exercise. At work, I've even changed a few things. I park further a way and I take the stairs. The overall goal is to get some form of exercise 3 times a week to elevate the heart rate.

So where am I now on the weight loss? As of yesterday, I am at 155 lbs. That's a lot to smile about! However, I am still not done. My overall goal is 135 lbs. In the mean time, my foot problem disappeared and my sugar levels are down. What's really great is the fact that I am now wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes and people are noticing the difference!

As a mom with a busy schedule it's hard to take care of myself since I was always looking out for my family. However, when a health scare takes over the mind, adjusting is a necessity! So busy moms AND dads, what do you do to fit exercise into your daily lives?


  1. Great post! I just had my son in July 2011 and although I lost most of the weight right after giving birth, I gained a lot of back after I stopped breastfeeding. In order to keep active, I've been doing a number of things with my son so I don't lose the quality time with him. We've been taking a lot of walks, dancing in front of the TV, and most recently going on multiple outings that require a lot of walking and lots of activity. For instance, we went to the Aquarium on Friday. There is tons of walking involved and I got on the floor with him on multiple occasions to run through some of the kids activities. Honestly, I'm still exhausted!

  2. Keep at it! You are doing a great job. It is so encouraging to see other share their stories. I am a new follower. Hope to see you at!

  3. Taekwondo, I do it 2 -3 x a week and have lost weight without trying.

  4. Wonderful post! I started exercising and watching what I ate and calories and all of that a few months ago, lost 13 of the 25 I needed to lose...fell off the wagon and have probably gained most back. But I am planning to start a daily exercise program with the kids in another couple of weeks. Good luck!

  5. Its great to hear when people have turned their lives around and taken to a healthier lifestyle. I have recently changed my lifestyle to be healthier, and to lose my extra weight, but I wish I would have started when i was only 199lbs. Congratulations on your loss, and thanks for hsaring your success.

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    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Veronica! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  8. Thanks ! :DD i like it <3