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Monday, January 14, 2013

How's Your New Year's Resolution Coming Along?

We're in the middle of January. Do you still remember that New Year's resolution you made to yourself a few weeks back about losing a few pounds? Are you having a hard time sticking to it? Let's help you out a bit! Here's a few tips to get you back to your New Year's promise:

  • Change rather than quit. Don't give up bread, just switch to whole wheat. Don't give up sodas completely if you can drink diet sodas.
  • Add rather than subtract. If you want to get more fiber and fewer calories, add salads to your lunch and dinner. Add more vegetables, fresh fruits and water instead of trying to get by on less of what you already eat.
  • Include your family in your new diet, but don't tell them. Don't argue if your spouse puts potato chips in the grocery cart or your kids beg for candy. Feed them plenty of good food first and they won't have room for junk (and neither will you).
  • Resign yourself to doing the cooking. Restaurant food and prepackaged foods from the grocery store will never be as good for you as something you make from scratch. Make time in your schedule to cook and don't wait until you're too exhausted to do more than eat what's easiest.
  • Bring your lunch and a few healthy snacks to work. Resolve not to bring them home at the end of the day. Tell yourself that you go to lunch with coworkers only if you eat the lunch you brought first and that you can't hit the candy machine if you're still hungry after eating your snacks.
Quick tip:

If you're out with friends or family and don't want to eat what they're eating, don't tell them you're on a diet. Just say that you ate not long before and you're not hungry. If you don't want to drink alcohol, claim to be on medication that you can't mix with alcohol.

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