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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesdays

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! And we're definitely celebrating this week on Turn It Up Tuesday! Share all of your amazing Thanksgiving, Fall, and all around Holidays posts here this week! Our hosts and guest hosts will be selecting their favorites, and 4 posts will win Best of the Best!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Welcome to the 62nd week of Turn It Up Tuesdays! We're so happy to have you here this week - and thanks for the amazing posts last week! There were so many great posts to choose from! And we had another record-breaking week - thanks again!!!


Turn It Up Tuesdays is all about being happy, excited, energetic...and having fun! Link up your favorite posts (old or new) and meet some awesome bloggers in return! Link up your funny stories, DIY posts, recipes, mommy moments -- anything at all, as long as it is family-friendly. We want to laugh, be entertained, be inspired, and have a good time!

Thanks so much to everyone that joins us each week and makes this blog hop the best that it could be!


Silvie from My Silly Little Gang


Through Silvie's posts, she shares the details of raising my silly little gang of boys and the different things she encounters in her life as a mommy. Including crafts, recipes, and reviews, she enjoys blogging and all the work it entails. It definitely keeps her on her toes, but it's rewarding for her when she receives a comment from a reader letting her know they enjoy her post. Her goal is to grow her blog into all it can be. As a mommy blogger, she has had the opportunity to work with several brands to review their products or places.

Stop by and check out her's definitely a great read!

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Welcome the lovely ladies of Turn It Up Tuesday!

TUT Hosts 11.1.14 (1)

(from the top - left to right)

Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures | Stacey from This Momma's Ramblings | Jessica from The Wondering Brain | Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise | April from 100lb Countdown | Meghan from Life with Peanut | Kae from Where's My Pacifier? | Kelly from Making-More | Melissa from The Coupon Chronicles | Yolanda from That's Mashed Up | Laura from Another Cent Saved | Cindy from Mom Maven | Kimberly from Keystrokes by Kimberly| Rhonda from Mother 2 Mother | Tiffany from MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter | Mari from Living in Mommywood | Silvie from My Silly Little Gang | Jillian from Baby Doodah | Chelsea from Mommie and Wee | Tenns from New Mama Diaries

And welcome our awesome guest hosts for November!

TUT Nov 2014 (3)

(from the top - left to right)

Angie from God's Growing Garden | Damjana from AppleGreen Cottage | Keri from Living In This Season | Stasia from Our Life on a Budget | Kimberly from Life is a Lullaby | Rebeka from Homemade Momy | Serena from Simple Holistic Girl | Amy from Home Remedies | Stacy from Little to No Progress Here | Tanya from City Mom Loves | Tina from The Happy Creations

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Here are the Featured posts from last week!


Cindy chose Easy Chocolate Peppermint Truffles from The Surburban Mom. "It is the season for peppermint and I have been baking with it a lot. I've never made truffles before but I hope to tackle this recipe in the weeks before Christmas."

Amy also chose this post. "These truffles look delicious and would make great gifts for the approaching holidays - plus their easy to make!"


Tina chose Handmade Rustic Angel Ornament from Canary Street Crafts. "What a beautiful and easy to make Christmas ornament. So cute!! I'm going to make one as Christmas craft with my daughter,she loves Christmas angels!!! Maybe make some as presents."


Damjana chose Thanksgiving Table Setting from Home Remedies. "I love the fresh feel of the white-green hydrangeas centerpiece and the interesting combination of materials - the traditional combination of burlap on wood topped by a white see-through scarf, giving the scene a silky-light feel...You cannot not love it, can you?"


Serena chose Serving Others (When You Barely Have Time To Take Care Of Yourself!) from Women with Intention. "I personally feel like this sometimes. I know I sometimes want to help out others so bad even when there's way too much on my plate and I do it anyway. I have to know and trust in the end it'll all work out for the good. If I have to say no (on the rare occasion) I know if that opportunity was meant for me then a way will open up for me to do it without feeling overwhelmed."

Oreo Funfetti Cake BarsP1

Mari chose Oreo Funfetti Cake Bars from With A Blast. "Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? Omg again I had a long list and had to narrow down but I loved Linda's treat because it mixes 2 of my daughters's favorites so it's a must try."


Jillian chose Friday Favorites: Updated Thanksgiving Planner from Krafty Cards etc. "I am SUCH a planner nerd and think it is absolutely necessary to have a planner for your Thanksgiving meal. I want everyone to know about and enjoy this printable!"


Angie chose Angeli di carta fai da te * DIY paper Angels from Caseperlatesta. "These paper angels are so simple but yet so classy - many ways to decorate with them - on the tree, in a nativity scene or as a place setting for Christmas dinner!"


Cathy chose Pancake Battered Banana Bites from The Pinterested Parent. "I can’t wait to serve these adorable little bites to the little ones in my life…except I know the big ones in my life are going to love them too!"

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.49.16 PM

Stasia chose Nursing & Pumping Essentials from The Memoirs of a Mommy. "I just would have found this list super helpful when I was pregnant and will definitely use it the second time around!"


Tenns chose Mommy, Where's Your Meatball? A Tale About Testicles + Tips for Discussion from Epic Mommy Adventures. "While it was hilarious, it gave me a real reality check of what it means to raise a boy. I’m so happy you shared this insight, because kids, especially boys, never cease to amaze, surprise or humiliate you. I have a bit more of an idea of one of the many crazy things that may happen with having a son."


Silvie chose 4 Simple & Oh So Cute Christmas Gifts from Always Made with Love. "These 4 ideas are adorable, simple and easy to do. These would make perfect stocking stuffers or add a nice touch to gift baskets, or use as bows on gifts!"


Tiffany chose 7 Tips to Being a Better Stay-At-Home-Mama from Seven Graces. "I love this post! It can be so hard to remember that being at home is not only about taking care of our children but taking care of ourselves as well. A better us means a better Woman, Wife and Mother for everyone else."


Stacey chose 7 Epic Books for Bloggers from Amber Kristine. "What a wonderful listing of books! Even though I have been at this blogging thing for almost two years, I still feel like there is so much that I have yet to learn. I am definitely going to check into some of these. Thank you so much for sharing!"


Jessica chose A Better Human Being from Two Teens and Their Mama. "What an inspiring story! It made me think of what I currently have in life and be thankful for it all :). Thanks for the beautiful share!"

Rhonda also chose this post. "During dark hours we sometimes loose sight of the blessings that we still have. To strive to be A Better Human Being during difficult things takes courage, but it also takes courage to strive to be A Better Human Being during our good times. Hopefully we will remember just how blessed we are this holiday season."


Meghan chose Two random parenting fails from Ripped Jeans & Bifocals. "I love this post because it is just so honest. It's easy to hide behind the computer and make it seem (on purpose or not) that your life is perfect to your readers."

felt board pictures-square - ang

Kelly chose DIY felt board pictures - game time! from AppleGreen Cottage. "I love the simplicity of the felt boards - and that it isn't electronic!"


Chelsea chose Apple Roll Ups Recipe from Typically Simple. "This recipe looked so adorable! The perfect bite of apple pie plus the flakiness of crescent rolls. So easy, and soooooo yummy sounding! I just might make these for the kids on Thanksgiving!"


Rebeka chose 10 Ways To Save On Thanksgiving Dinner from A Mitten Full of Savings. "With holiday travels, two big dinners, presents for 4 others and stockings for all guests on Christmas eve, the holidays get pretty tight on money. I love these suggestions to help ease the strain on the pocketbook. You can even use several of the tips together!"


Natasha chose Objectified from British Mum USA. "I am upset about this post on so many levels, but I do feel that there is a bright side too. Your daughter’s friend not only recognized that this is an issue but she did something about it – she spoke up! I have seen this happen many times, and yes, the boy is a complete idiot but sometimes the girls fall for it believing that the only way for him to like her is to have sex with him. It is so sad! And that’s why I’m so incredibly proud of your daughter’s friend for not dealing with it or believing it is acceptable."


The post with the most clicks is Shop Spotlight: Ahoy Amigo from Life with Peanut.

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And the Best of the Best is...

There are two posts tied for 1st place!


Easy Chocolate Peppermint Truffles from The Surburban Mom


Apple Roll Ups Recipe from Typically Simple

And we have two posts tied for second place!


A Better Human Being from Two Teens and Their Mama


7 Tips to Being a Better Stay-At-Home-Mama from Seven Graces

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

This Momma's Meandering Mondays 74

Welcome one and all to This Momma's Meandering Mondays 74 and I want to offer a great, big thank you in advance to all of you who link up with us! We are so thankful to have you with us! Turkey day is just a few days away. Are you ready for the Holiday season? Is anyone planning Black Friday shopping trips? I would love to hear from you in the comments! Well...I am sure that there will be some amazing Holiday posts that you will be able to share...I could definitely use a few craft ideas or a great new recipe, so I can't wait! Now on the the party!

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 Now...let's get the party started and come on in and join the fun by linking up your favorite posts! We had an absolutely awesome week last week! Share the fun and make some new friends, find a new yummy treat, or find a wonderful new craft idea to make. This is a great way to grow in your friendships! But before we start this party...Grab a badge!

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Now stop in and say howdy to my linky party partners in fun... The wonderful Jessica from The Wondering Brain and Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures

. The Wondering Brain200
Epic Mommy Adventures

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 photo featuredmeanderingmondaybadge1014200x200_zps09739a88.png

Jessica's favorite post came from All the V's with the post "How Do You Happy!" Saying, "The post made me smile all over! I love her positive attitude! Although she is going through something that I can relate to, I like how she manages it through all her happies :). Just reading it, made some of my stress go away too. Thanks for sharing! " 


 My favorite post also came from The Women In Biz with the post "Harassment in the Workplace!" "What an amazing post! Before I became a SAHM, I worked for the same company for almost 19 years. During my career, I had to deal with harassment from one specific woman for most of my career. I often wondered what I had ever done to make her not like me, and then I realized that it was not me, it was her. She was threatened by me because I was younger and knew more about her job than she did, despite her years there. Sadly if she had realized the truth, which was I never wanted what she had and all that I ever tried to do was help. Thank you so much for sharing!" 


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Thank you to all of you who joined us last week!


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